Single Mothers, Civil Elegies & Manuscripts on Monday!

This will be great! Single Mothers new album is solid and both local support have nailed it the couple of times I’ve caught them.

13th Note. Doors 7:30. 7 quid in.

  • Posted on May 22nd 2015

A change to the Lemuria/Dads/Personal Best gig next week!

Some sad news. Here is a statement from Lemuria regarding the gig

“We have some news. While we in Lemuria are still VERY excited about our upcoming UK/EU tour, we must regrettably announce that our friends in Dads are no longer able to be on this tour due to some last minute, unforeseen complications. That said, us and Personal Best are still packing our bags and getting ready to do the entire tour as planned. Additionally, we would like to announce the our new friends in WOAHNOWS will now be joining the tour from the start through Paris.

This is our last tour on our record, “The Distance Is So Big”, which came out in 2013. After this, we’ll be writing and recording our next record, and taking some time off to do so. We want this tour to be an exclamation point at the end of what has truly been an incredible touring cycle, and we want to share that with you.

See you out there!”

This will still be an awesome gig but if you purchased your ticket because of Dads then you can get in touch at for more info.

If you bring your stub to a future gig you can pay advance price at the door and I’ll take a couple of quid off at the same time.


  • Posted on May 22nd 2015

The Hotelier on Tuesday!!

This is probably the only time you’ll see this band play for free and in such a small room. It’ll be a ridiculous show! It’s first come first serve with regards to getting in. The bar is open all day at least so get down early for a spot.

Bar Bloc. Tuesday 19th May. Bands start 8:30. Free entry.

  • Posted on May 17th 2015

Bayside in Glasgow this week!

As part of their 15th Anniversary tour! Wednesday 20th May at Audio. They’ll be joined by Creeper and Tigercub.

Remaining tickets available from

  • Posted on May 17th 2015

The Sidekicks & Great Cynics!!

Are playing at The 13th Note on Sunday 28th June!

sidekicks and cynics poster
  • Posted on May 8th 2015